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Boy happier and full of life after heart surgery

November 2, 2023

Boy happier and full of life after heart surgery - featured image

One year later Anati Foster is living life to the fullest. The 11-year-old boy is enjoying every heartbeat. And every minute of his life.

“My boy is doing very well and very healthy. He plays and runs like other children his age, says his mom Tabisa. “Our life has changed for the better since Anati was operated a year ago.”

Her son was discovered with a hole in his heart when he was three years old. The journey that followed was full of hospital visits, medication, and staying indoors because of poor health. Anati was among the 500 children with Congenital Heart Disease until last year when he received a life-changing heart surgery. “Anati went to the beach for the first-time last year.”

When Anati was diagnosed with CHD, his mom didn’t have a clue about the illness and what needed to happen for her child to be well. “I had constant worry thinking that my son was going to die. But doctors at Dora Nginza were with us every step of the way. They explained to us, and we ensured that we didn’t miss check-ups.”

Today, Anati is well and hardly gets tired when playing with other kids,” says, Tabisa that her son is recovering well. “Since he underwent the surgery Anati is more confident and shares jokes with his friends as he is a very funny and bubbly boy.”

Tabisa says they were looking forward to his first appointment this year. “Before he used to be scared of doctors because of his condition, but now he is more confident and excited about the upcoming appointment.”

Pelo Foundation, a non-profit company that raises awareness and funds for children with Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD) to receive treatment.

It is estimated that 1 out of every 1000 babies is born with Congenital Heart Disease and that every six hours a newborn is added to the waiting list of those in need of surgery and/or treatment. Data also shows that 1 to 2 children die each week.

“I would like to thank Pelo Foundation for what they did for my son. It has been 10 months of happiness and laughter here at home. Since the surgery, Anathi has been playing soccer without being tired but before he would normally experience short breath if he played too long,” she stated.

Busamed Hospital Group with several medical specialists facilitated the establishment of Pelo Foundation, as an independent organisation, to address the plight of children, especially newborn babies from indigent communities who are born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), the most common type of birth defect and is the leading cause of infant deaths in the world.

Tabisa has urged more people and businesses to come forward to assist Pelo Foundation with funds to ensure that more children with CHD can receive the much-needed surgeries.

“We consider ourselves lucky. More children could do with this luck. I know the pain of having your child diagnosed with heart disease and not knowing when and where they will get help. I also know the joy that comes after a successful surgery.”

To donate, contact Ms Nobuhle Nkosi at: or Ms Dudu Mvimbi Leshabane at: For more information visit the Pelo Foundation website at

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