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Celebrating Heroes – August is Organ & Tissue Donor Month!

July 31, 2023

Celebrating Heroes – August is Organ & Tissue Donor Month! - featured image

August is upon us, the time of the year to celebrate our special heroes – organ and tissue donors that save and improve the lives of strangers as an end of life wish. A single donor can save up to seven lives with solid organ donation, such as hearts, lungs, livers and kidneys; and improve the quality of life of approximately 80 others with the donation of corneas, bone, skin and heart valves.

In 2021, Busamed became part of our tribute garden family, a section of the Durban Botanic Gardens, that is a butterfly themed area that symbolizes the “circle of life” and rebirth.

Busamed is committed to community by nurturing a donation culture. Busamed Gateway is the leading contributor to the femoral head donation project, where a patient going for a hip replacement, donates their old hip! Continued support of a death referral and potential heart beating donor protocol allows families to fulfill their loved one’s end of life wishes.

You are encouraged to have the conversation with your family, let them know your wishes, and tell them where all your important documentation can be found.

Most importantly, be a true patient advocate, making sure their end-of-life wishes are fulfilled. For more information, or to register visit or

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