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Colon Cancer Screening

July 31, 2023

Colon Cancer Screening - featured image

Can We Help with Colon Cancer Screening?

In South Africa the incidence of Colo-rectal cancer is increasing, and it is noted that screening for colon cancer reduces Colo-rectal cancer related morbidity and mortality.

Data suggests that 1 in 77 males and 1 in 132 females are diagnosed with colon cancer in South Africa. We therefore encourage that early detection and screening by means of a colonoscopy start at age 50 and is repeated depending on the individual’s risk factors.

Screening procedures are preventative medical practice in individuals with no active symptoms.

Who Should Have a Screening Colonoscopy?

Screening should begin in non–African individuals with average-risk at age 50 years.

Screening should begin in Africans at age 45 years.

Adults age< 50 years with colorectal bleeding symptoms should undergo colonoscopy and evaluation.

Who may cease screening?

Persons who are up to date with screening and have negative prior screening tests, particularly colonoscopy, can consider stopping screening at age 75 years or when life expectancy is less than 10 years.

Persons without prior screenings should be considered for screening up to age 85, depending on consideration of their age and comorbidities.

For more information or to book an appointment you can contact the Gateway Centre for respiratory and gastrointestinal disease on Tel: Tel: 031 492 1252 or email:

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Dr Yusuf Moolla

Dr Yusuf Moolla

Specialist Physician/Gastroenterologist
MBChB (Pret), FCP (SA), Master of Medicine (UKZN), Dip HIV MAN (SA), Dip Geriatric Med (SA), Cert. Gastroenterology (SA)

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