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Leading the way in Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

August 12, 2021

Leading the way in Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery - featured image

Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital together with its specialist orthopaedic surgeons and leading medical device supplier Smith and Nephew are leading the way in Robotic Assisted Knee Surgery.

This comes with the demonstration of the New CORI Surgical System that features a more efficient handheld robotic solution designed to change the face of orthopaedics.

International research has indicated that patients who undergo Robotic Knee Replacement surgery experience greater patient satisfaction with the results of the surgery. A Total Knee Replacement is a very common procedure.

The innovation of Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery allows for precise planning and execution resulting in an excellent-balanced knee joint which we believe will result in better outcomes. Despite its name a total knee replacement doesn’t replace the whole knee, but rather provides new surfaces to a worn-out arthritic knee joint which needs to be positioned, well aligned and balanced. The Robotic handheld device can work from 3D images which allows for more precise preparation of the surfaces, introduction of the implant, balancing the implant and checking for the right fit.

The team at Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital have been at the forefront of this technology since 2018 with the first NAVIO Total Knee Replacement being performed in October 2017 by Dr Jan Louis van den Berg. To date more than 350 robotic surgeries have been performed at the hospital and it is currently the only facility offering this technology in the Helderberg area.

The NAVIO Total Knee Arthroplasty application provides a streamlined and efficient workflow along with cutting guides specifically designed for handheld robotic-assisted surgery. Furthermore, the NAVIO robotic-assisted system does not require a preoperative image, such as a CT scan or MRI. This allows patients to receive the benefits of robotic assistance without the extra steps, costs and radiation associated with additional preoperative imaging. Based on these benefits the entire Orthopaedic team of specialists at Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital make use of this technology for Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

“We believe enhanced precision data and execution will ultimately assist us in our quest for improving outcomes.” – Dr Jan Louis van den Berg.

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