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World Cancer Day

February 3, 2022

World Cancer Day - featured image

Cancer is a critical health issue that has plagued humanity for well over millennia. According to historians, the first documented cases of cancer occurred in ancient Egypt in 1500 BC, with tumors occurring on the breast. Today, exponential leaps have been made in screening, diagnosing, treating cancer, and understanding both its oncogenesis and mutations within the human body.
“More than one third of cancer cases can be prevented with lifestyle choices,” according to the Union for International Cancer Control. Uncontrolled stress, poor nutrition, environmental exposure to UV radiation, chemicals, genetic mutations, and family history are the most commonly known causes of cancer.

Dr. Nokwanda Zuma, Clinical and radiation oncologist at Busamed Modderfontein Private hospital says a third of cancers can be treated with a good prognosis with early detection. “With early treatment and lifestyle audits, we could potentially save millions of lives every year.” she says that advanced technology and intensive research has brought a lot more perspective to cancer diagnoses and treatment as we know more about reducing the risk factors, increasing prevention, and improving cancer diagnosis at the first examination.

“We are committed to raising public knowledge around cancer and removing fear-based barriers around cancer screening and treatment” says Dr Zuma. “Our cancer treatment facilities and screening teams are attentive to dispelling myths and misconceptions. We also put effort into modifying social attitudes and behaviours around cancer because we believe that cancer can be treated when detected early.”

“The force behind research and innovation have demonstrated extraordinary breakthroughs in treatment, diagnoses, and medical and genetic knowledge of cancer,” says Dr. Zuma.

In 2022, make it your goal to get screened for cancer, especially if you have a family history of it, if you fall within the age group to be screened for cancers and if you have symptoms of unknown origin that don’t subside with time or treatment.

Dr Nokwanda Zuma
Clinical Oncologist
Busamed Modderfontein private Hospital

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