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World Kidney Day

March 10, 2022

World Kidney Day - featured image

World kidney day is dedicated to bring about kidney awareness globally and allows communities to focus on the importance of kidney health for our wellbeing. This day is a joint initiative of the ISN (International Society of Nephrology) and the IFKF (International Federation of Kidney Foundations). Working together since 2006 to highlight the growing trend of kidney disease in the world.

The theme for this year is – “Bridge the gap to better kidney care”. It focuses on the availability of kidney care to all. The global mission is to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys to health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease on our burdened healthcare systems.

The objectives of kidney awareness groups are to highlight the following important focus areas:

  1. Managing hypertension and diabetes as these are the leading causes of kidney damage.
  2. Early detection via regular screening programs is encouraged to identify chronic kidney disease.
  3. Focus on preventative strategies to delay or prevent kidney failure.
  4. Educate medical personnel about the importance of early detection and to reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease.
  5. Encourage a collaborative preventative program between national health authorities and local community practitioners.
  6. Encourage transplantation and organ donor programs for the definitive treatment of renal failure.

There are many screening avenues available to assess the kidneys. Your local healthcare practitioner will assist in routine screening and refer you to a kidney specialist (Nephrologist) if required. Knowing your kidney status is essential as kidney damage can often be a silent disease with subtle symptoms.

These special awareness days have become very significant in highlighting the growing epidemic that is chronic kidney disease. By shining a spotlight on this growing problem, communities will become aware of the need for regular screening and surveillance. Are you
aware of your kidney status? Knowing your kidney status could be a powerful tool to prevent permanent damage to your kidneys.

Dr. Jay Moodley
Specialist Nephrologist and Physician
Busamed Gateway Private Hospital

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