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Learning About Maternal Conditions

March 27, 2024

Learning About Maternal Conditions - featured image

Maternal Care is a comprehensive programme for healthcare professionals, covering all the common and important problems that occur during pregnancy, labour, delivery and the puerperium.
Educating and spreading awareness about Maternal Conditions plays a major role in Maternal Care. Here we will be answering the most frequently asked questions on Anaemia.

Q. What is Anaemia?

A. Anaemia is a low level of haemoglobin. A woman is said to be anaemic when her haemoglobin level is below 11g / d1 but treatment usually occurs when is below 10g / d1.

Q. What is the cause of Anaemia?

A. Most common causes of anaemia are due to iron deficiency, which is led by poor diet and parasitic infestation such as a hookworm and bilharzia. Other causes of anaemia are Folate deficiency (Folic Acid) and chronic infections such as HIV and AIDS.

Q. What are the symptoms of Anaemia?

A. The pregnant mom may present as pale (in their conjunctiva and hands); she may tire easily or become short of breath whenever doing the routine tasks.

Q. Is it preventable?

A. Yes, it is. It can be prevented by ensuring that green leafy vegetables are ingested; foods that are high in iron (such as liver, fish) are part of the diet; 2-3 litres of water are consumed on a daily basis. Avoid consuming soil or charcoal products; avoid excessive drinking of tea and coffee (do not take more than 2-3 cups of coffee or tea daily) and rather use rooibos tea or decaffeinated tea and ensure that you take your medication as prescribed by the doctor.

Busamed Harrismith Private Hospital
Maternity Unit Manager: Sibongile Mokoena

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