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Busamed Healthcare

Busamed Lowveld Private Hospital is committed to nurturing an environment of health and healing through engaging relationships with patients, staff, doctors, the community, and beyond.

The vision of Busamed is to provide quality, cost-effective services to all its patients in partnership with its specialist health professionals, using a combination of high clinical standards and innovative technology. All the facilities operate with the backing of the Busamed Management Company.

Each of the hospitals under the Busamed umbrella has core specialities together with in-house ancillary services like radiology, pharmacy, pathology, and physiotherapy.

Busamed have already made a strong name for themselves through rapid growth, opening four new hospitals over five years, and acquiring three more.

Busamed offers more than just exceptional clinical care. By bringing their company values of Accountability, Friendliness, Respect, Integrity and Quality Care to life in all their actions, the service providers at Busamed offer the patients and their visitors the ultimate Busamed experience.

This has been further validated by the Discovery Health Patient Satisfaction Survey that has seen the Busamed group collecting 17 Awards over the past five years.

All the Busamed hospitals have dedicated, well-trained and experienced core staff in common. Whether they be general practitioners or specialists, the group has been able to attract and invest in exceptional people who are acknowledged as the keystone of Busamed’s achievements and growth.

The lean and effective management structures that makes quick decisions, together with Busamed’s entrepreneurial approach, has attracted some of the leading medical professionals in South Africa to Busamed hospitals.

The group’s investment in the latest technology, building effective systems and providing modern, appealing, and comfortable environments have also attracted leading medical professionals. They are highly specialised in key or rare medical disciplines, eager to become a part of a flourishing and innovative team.


Busamed aspires to be an innovative, quality-centred South African healthcare group, advancing the provision of healthcare in world-class facilities with dynamic, inclusive partnerships for all.


Busamed is a proudly South African private hospital group offering friendly, cost-effective and innovative healthcare service in a safe and caring environment. The group applies technology and principles of evidence-based practices to provide appropriate medical and nursing care, achieving the best clinical outcomes, in partnership with key stake holders.