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It is normal to feel anxious about staying in hospital. We understand this, which is why you have our entire healthcare team focused on your safety, comfort and well-being.

Admission Information

Admissions process at Busamed

On the day of your admission please report to the hospital reception/admission desk upon arrival. Our friendly and helpful reception staff are available to assist you every step of the way to make your admission as stress free as possible.

All patients are encouraged to make use of the pre-admission process before your date of admission. For more information on pre-admission please click here.

To make things easier on the day of your admission and to ensure that the Hospital can meet your personal needs, below is an essential items list for you to use as you prepare for your admission. If children are not accompanied by their legal guardian, please bring the relevant consent with you on the day of admission.

Obtaining Authorisation

If you are a Medical Aid patient it is very important for you to obtain authorisation for any planned procedure before your date of admission.

Although the hospital will assist you in obtaining the authorisation, the responsibility lies with the patient to ensure that they have contacted their medical aid for authorisation. We will gladly guide you on how to request authorisation and ensure that you have all the information needed to facilitate the process.

Your Medical Scheme will also be able to provide you with any information regarding co-payments, short payments, and limits that you may have in relation to your procedure. Please record this information and feel free to discuss this with the pre-admission nurse or clerk.

Private Patients

Prior to your admission an estimated cost will be provided to you based on the requirements for your admission as outlined by your treating doctor. Pre-payment of the estimated amount will be required before or on admission. It is important to note that the estimate cost is based on services rendered by the hospital. All other services rendered to you will be independently billed by the service provider. For example, this would include services rendered by your doctors, the pathology lab, radiology as well as any ancillary services such as physiotherapy.

Should you have any questions regarding the estimated cost provided for your planned hospital stay, please feel free to contact the hospital’s private patient credit controller.

Special Requests – Meals & Private Rooms

The pre-admission process allows for an opportunity to note any special needs that you may have. Meals are provided for in accordance to a patient’s health requirements and all of our hospital menus have been designed with guidance from certified dietitians. Should you have any specific dietary requirements please discuss this during your pre-admission process.

Executive, private rooms and semi-private rooms are available at some of our hospitals. These rooms are available on request and are based on availability at the time admission. Please enquire with the hospital regarding availability and any possible surcharge that may apply.

To ensure that your admission and stay with us is as pleasurable as possible, please ensure to bring the following essential items along:

  • Identification Document
  • Medical Aid Card
  • Admission letter from your specialist
  • X-rays / Scans if applicable
  • Chronic Medication (in its original packaging)
  • Clothing, sleepwear, and toiletries if you are staying overnight or for an extended period

Please do not bring large amounts of money or any other valuables such as jewellery with for your hospital stay.