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Patient and Visitor Resources


Parking and Security

Security is outsourced to a reliable, local company. For the convenience of patients and their families, there are parking assistants at all entrances to help patients with parking and directions.


Patient Meals

Patients in the overnight ward are provided with nutritious and well-balanced meals by a reputable, outsourced company, Ilanga Caterers. Patients can choose from thee options per meal, and any food preferences can be discussed either with the hostess or with the Unit Manager.

Patients admitted for day procedures will be treated to a toasted sandwich, and tea or coffee, post operatively. Children are spoilt with ice-cream, juice, and a gift pack.



Busamed Lowveld Private Hospital has an Institutional Pharmacy on the premises. The Pharmacy supplies ethical and surgical stock to all theatres and wards. Medication for in-patients is supplied by the Pharmacy.