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Visit an Oncologist if you worry you may be at risk of cancer. Oncologists not only treat cancer patients, they also offer advice for avoiding cancer, explain treatment options, and help patients cope with their condition’s side effects.

Our Specialists

The Modderfontein Oncology Centre is found within the hospital on the lower ground and specialises in using the most advanced technology in radiation therapy used for treating cancer. Treatments provided include, Radiation treatment, Chemotherapy, Cobalt -60 flexitron Brachytherapy and Stereotactic radiosurgery (adult & paediatric). The Varian Unique linear accelerator utilises advanced technology in the treatment of various types of cancers. This new generation tool provides even greater speed and accuracy with an electronic portal imaging system used for verification of a patient’s position. This state of the art linear accelerator is capable of delivering 3D, IMRT, VMAT treatment to the tumour with precision, destroying the cancer whilst sparing the surrounding normal tissues. The Flexitron Brachytherapy machine is a remarkable remote afterloader platform which offers simple, intuitive brachytherapy. With its 40 channel option, it is possible to treat all kinds of cancers including, gynaecological cancers, oesophagus, interstitial, nasopharynx and other cancers. Due to its targeted nature, side effects are minimised and treatment times are reduced. The Modderfontein Oncology Centre is managed by a team of leading radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation therapists, and a medical physicist.

Dr Bassa, Leiyah - featured image

Dr Bassa, Leiyah


Dr Jordaan, Chris - featured image

Dr Jordaan, Chris


Dr Mboyi, Ntomboxolo - featured image

Dr Mboyi, Ntomboxolo


Dr Zuma, Nokwanda - featured image

Dr Zuma, Nokwanda